Serving Up Charity While You Recharge Your Phone

An Experience like no Other

An upgrade from the Baitulmaal Relaxation Station during MAS 2018, the Baitulmaal Charity Cafe offers MAS 2019 and ICNA 2020 visitors a space to relax and recharge during the busy, three-day conventions. 

Registered guests enjoy premium tables and comfortable chairs as well as charging stations for their mobile phones and devices. 

Join us in the upcoming ICNA Convention in Washington, DC, on April 10, 11 and 12. (Psst… pre-registration coming soon) #ICNACON2020

MAS 2019 Social Impact

Number of Individual Aid Deliveries Funded at the Booth

Order up some charity today!

Instagram influencer Aya Sellami stops by the Baitulmaal Charity Cafe and invites her 100k followers to stop by! @ayasellami

Come on in! Relax and recharge!